Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hair puller

Everyone comments on how much hair Abe has. The nurses at the hospital said that he had the most hair and the longest fingernails they had ever seen. Well a few days ago, I was changing Abe's diaper when he started to cry and squeal like he was in pain. I noticed that he had a fistful of his own hair clenched very tightly. "He's pulling his own hair!" I exclaimed to David. David helped Abe to let go. I have seen him touching his hair since then, but he doesn't pull it.

First bath

Cord blood donor

Here is a gift that Abe received from Cryobanks for donating his cord blood. It's so true!

I see dead people.

Newborn screen

At two weeks old, Abe had his checkup at the Dr. and then we were sent to the hospital to have a blood test done to check for several rare diseases. It was quite an ordeal. We had to go patient registration, fill out paperwork, even get one of those hospital bracelets before being sent to the lab. Then more paperwork and waiting. Then a lady came whose job it is to stick unsuspecting babies in the foot and squeeze blood out. I don't know how she can live with herself.

Up all night, sleep all day

Although he is getting better now, Abe spent his first 2 weeks staying up most of the night and sleeping all day. Perhaps he inherited the computer programmer gene.