Monday, July 30, 2007

Let the Wookie Win

Notes about what Abe can do

Abe is growing up so fast! He is running everywhere now and hardly ever still. Everyone says what a nice smile he has. He eats anything and everything. All kinds of food, but he also enjoys non-food items. The boys and I were joking that his favorite things to eat are mud, cat food and toilet water. A few days ago while playing in the sand, Abe started shoveling sand in his mouth and cried because I took him out to wash up. Abe does not say any words yet, but sometimes his babbling sounds like words. "This, this" (while pointing at things) and I think he can say "Ada" too. He had a stage a few weeks ago where he threw everything in the trashcan. I think he enjoyed lifting the lid and throwing things in. I replaced the trashcan with the laundry basket but Abe was not fooled.

16 months old