Monday, July 30, 2007

Let the Wookie Win

Notes about what Abe can do

Abe is growing up so fast! He is running everywhere now and hardly ever still. Everyone says what a nice smile he has. He eats anything and everything. All kinds of food, but he also enjoys non-food items. The boys and I were joking that his favorite things to eat are mud, cat food and toilet water. A few days ago while playing in the sand, Abe started shoveling sand in his mouth and cried because I took him out to wash up. Abe does not say any words yet, but sometimes his babbling sounds like words. "This, this" (while pointing at things) and I think he can say "Ada" too. He had a stage a few weeks ago where he threw everything in the trashcan. I think he enjoyed lifting the lid and throwing things in. I replaced the trashcan with the laundry basket but Abe was not fooled.

16 months old

Friday, June 15, 2007

Adventures in diaper rash

After 14 months Abe got his first diaper rash. It was so sad because he could not even sit down without crying. Finally we stuck a pillow in his vibrating chair, propped his feet up with pillows and put a movie on for him. I'm happy to report that he's ok now!

Abe eats a snowcone

After eating a snowcone at the pool, Abe's tummy was stained red for a day.

Abe painting the fence


David and Abe

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Clapping slideshow

Upside Down

Abe still can't walk yet, but he can do this...


11 months old!

For Abe's 11 month photo, I was going to try to get one of him standing, since he can do that for a few seconds. But on this day Abe was sick and was in no mood to stand, or sit up, or smile, or do anything.

Ada and Abe

Friday, January 12, 2007

First Thanksgiving

Here is what Abe got to eat on his first Thanksgiving.

8 months old!

The great pretender

Sometimes when Abe sleeps, it seems like he 's only pretending.

Sink bath slideshow

The cup is too hard!
This is easier!