Monday, June 05, 2006


Abe had his 2 month old Dr. visit and had to get 4 shots. It was the saddest thing. It is interesting to see how each of my kids has reacted to getting shots. Ben usually did not cry or cried only a little when getting shots, but was rather high strung at other times. Abe is very easy going most of the time, but screamed horribly and turned all red. He did not calm down easily either. He cried on the way home and at home. Of course I was unprepared and did not have baby Tylenol on hand, so I had to take him to the store. He took a nap, but woke up crying. I was afraid the Dr. broke him! But after another nap he actually woke up happier than ever. I was actually able to get the first photo of him smiling, and almost laughing. I did get my finger in the way a bit, but with babies there are no do overs.

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